Create A Life You Love

Success-And What It Looks Like-To You

Full Of Questions On This Beautiful Day

So we are all here, right now, on this beautiful journey. Some of us are wandering about just trying to get the bills paid and forgetting that this life is here for us to enjoy. Some people say power and wealth is what defines success. When you have the best of this and the biggest of that, this is what truly matters and once you achieve this, you will be successful...

My question is, if this is the case, what will your legacy look like? In fact, what does your legacy look like in this moment? What are you going to leave behind?? What sort of impact are you making on the Earth? What are you inspiring others around you to do?

And when things are all said and done... what did you do for yourself for you to feel as though this lifetime was a success? What does your success story look like?

Find a few seconds to dig deep and review the life you are living. Do you feel successful?
If not, what could you be doing to get this sense of success? What steps need to be taken so that you can feel fulfilled in this lifetime?
If so, is there anything else you wish you were doing right now that maybe you could be doing as you read this? How are you sharing your success? Is there some outlet where you might be able to mentor others on how to find self-fulfillment?

"Live as if everything is rigged in your favor" -Rumi

Live In Love, Do As You Please


When Time For Yourself Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity.