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Success-And What It Looks Like-To You

Full Of Questions On This Beautiful Day

So we are all here, right now, on this beautiful journey. Some of us are wandering about just trying to get the bills paid and forgetting that this life is here for us to enjoy. Some people say power and wealth is what defines success. When you have the best of this and the biggest of that, this is what truly matters and once you achieve this, you will be successful...

My question is, if this is the case, what will your legacy look like? In fact, what does your legacy look like in this moment? What are you going to leave behind?? What sort of impact are you making on the Earth? What are you inspiring others around you to do?

And when things are all said and done... what did you do for yourself for you to feel as though this lifetime was a success? What does your success story look like?

Find a few seconds to dig deep and review the life you are living. Do you feel successful?
If not, what could you be doing to get this sense of success? What steps need to be taken so that you can feel fulfilled in this lifetime?
If so, is there anything else you wish you were doing right now that maybe you could be doing as you read this? How are you sharing your success? Is there some outlet where you might be able to mentor others on how to find self-fulfillment?

"Live as if everything is rigged in your favor" -Rumi

Live In Love, Do As You Please


When Time For Yourself Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity.


Love Letters

Love Letters Do Wonders For The Soul.

First off, if you have never taken the time/energy to write a love letter, you have been missing out. That pull in your chest as your truest loving emotions pour out of you and onto the paper, knowing that the person meant to read this will at some point feel this beautiful moment as they absorb each word into the depths of their soul. This fulfilling act of affection is absolutely irreplaceable.

That being said, what would happen if you wrote a love letter to yourself? Expressing your unconditional love and devotion to you and your well-being. Having those kind words resonate within your soul as you read just how much you are appreciated and cared for. Finding a sense of support and knowing that no matter what you do in this life, there is someone there to pick you back up, a place in your mind, body and spirit that will never let you down. That little voice that will always tell you, “Hey! You’re doing a great job! No matter what happens, you’ll be just fine!”
We often get pulled in 20 different directions dealing with work, family, friends and whatever else we decide to plop on our plates. Devoting our precious time and energy into these lovely things that get us through life, yet we forget the most important. Y-O-U. You are what helps the old lady cross the street, you are the one comforting a friend through a rough spot, you are the one making sure the company you work for is running as smoothly as possible. Without taking a second to reflect on what your needs are, you are doing a disservice to those around you. Without proper rest, you can not function at your fullest potential. Without proper pampering (massages, bubble baths, quiet walks in the woods, etc..) you will not feel whole. Without proper balance, we will eventually dwindle ourselves away until we no longer recognize our own reflections.

So fill your cup, write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself how wonderful you are! How much you deserve the best out of this lifetime for the efforts you are consistently pouring out. Let yourself feel completely comfortable and in love with who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming. You are a divine creature, put here with a unique purpose.

Live In Love.




Selfish?? I think not.

Some people think that spending time on yourself means that you are taking time away from other things that are oh so important. If I spend 30 minutes meditating or dancing around the house like a crazy person to help myself feel liberated, that's time I could have spent on schoolwork, playing with my kids, working on my business... Whatever the case may be. Society has painted an image that makes one feel guilty when they take time to pamper themselves or simply just.stop.moving for any period of time. So what happens when you exhaust all of your energy on outside stimulants? Sometimes it's boredom with the routine, resentment, stress, maybe you even feel it in your body - getting sick more often, little more stiff in the morning these days... Self care is important. Take time to treat yourself just for being an amazing individual. You know when you're in a relationship with someone and the spontaneity keeps the spark alive, the same applies to self love. Surprise yourself with a gift or a random compliment. Just try it. See how these small daily modifications change not only how you feel about yourself but how you treat those around you as well.

Think of yourself. The time for compromising your needs and your time is no longer upon you. Find balance before things get too uneven. Go BEASTMODE For Yourself! You are and deserve to be #1 on your priority list. If you are drained/off balance, you will not be able to live up to your full potential or be able to serve your purpose as wholly as you could be. Realize, this is not selfishness. This is what must be done. Allow yourself to put yourself first. Come back into focus. You are worthy of your own time spent wisely. This is all part of self love and self awareness.

You deserve the purest love and happiness this life has to offer.

Live In Love,


Time for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.