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It's Time For You

It's Time... Time For You!

So often we allow ourselves to run around grasping for the future and/or stuck in the past, forgetting about the present. We forget to set aside time for ourselves to sink back into the reality of this very moment.

So I have decided to introduce the Me Time Monday Project with the intentions that everyone find time for themselves. Time to nourish their Mind, Body and Spirit. Helping us find peace, balance and love in each moment.

Background: Mondays are my only day off. A day to catch up on things that didn't get done throughout the week. A day to Not have anywhere to go, No obligations, just do as I please. I dedicated time each Monday to Myself. Letting people know that this is Me Time Monday, sorry, I have to take a lavender bath and read a book... see you after that. Finding that dedicating just this little bit of time is extremely rejuvenating! I then had to wonder, how many people do this for themselves?? Maybe I could share this gem of goodness. And this is where the Me Time Monday Project was born.

Each Me Time Monday Message will include positive thoughts and affirmations accompanied with 10-30 minute either physical, mental or spiritual practices to help you get back to you.

Today I would like invite you to find time for yourself in whatever way feels best to you. If you would like a helping hand, there are some meditations below to encourage positive thinking and relaxation. If this isn't really your thing, might I suggest going outside if even just for a walk around the block, maybe pop a squat on the sidewalk and sip some tea. Remember, this Life Is Yours. Unique and Precious. Find time to enjoy it.

In The Truest Form - Namaste Loved Ones


When Time For Yourself Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity.